Dewatering screen (shaker) installation, maintenance and care

First: Dewatering screen (Shaker) Installation:

1, Dewatering screen (shaker) should be checked before installation:

(1) Whether the package is intact or not and whether there is damp phenomenon;

(2) Whether the motor is deformed or damaged in the process of transportation, whether the parts are complete and whether the fasteners are loose or not falling off;

(3) The motor nameplate data meets the requirements;

(4) 500V megger to check the stator winding insulation resistance of not less than 20 megohms, or stator winding drying, drying temperature to be uniform, shall not exceed 120 ℃.

2, Dewatering screen (shaker) installation:

(1) Check before lifting lifting ring is tightened in place;

(2) The roughness of the contact surface between the vibration machine and the motor foot should be not less than 6.3;

(3) The anchor bolts should be 8.8 strength, and lock with anti-reverse nut or spring washer to prevent loosening.

Second: Dewatering screen(shaker) maintenance and care

1, Vibration motor operation, we must pay attention to bearing lubrication. Under normal working conditions, the cumulative operation of 1600 hours or so, should replace the bearing grease and cleaning bearings, bearing room, bearing gland.

2, The motor stop using or storing more than six months after the time, should disassemble and replace the grease.

3, The motor running time more than 5,000 hours, the bearings should be checked, if damaged, should be replaced with a new bearing.

4, The motor parked for six months or a long time before use should be measured stator winding insulation resistance, with 500V megger measurement, the insulation resistance should not be less than 20 megohm. Users should be familiar with this manual before using this machine.