Coal beneficiaries inventory

First, a unique shift of the gap adjustment technology

Coal crusher hammer don’t need to repair when it wear and tear, it can be repeated use by mobile location, a pair of hammer head is equal to three hammers.

Second, Double rotor up and down two level crushed

Coal crusher’s two sets rotors connected to each other, make the material crushed by  the higher rotor immediately crushed again by the lower rotor hammer after the rapid rotation, Cavity materials collide with each other quickly and smash each other to achieve hammer powder, powder material effect, direct discharge.

Third, hydraulic electric starter chassis

Coal crusher only need one person to open and close, not only lightweight and fast and safe, easy to maintain.

Forth, Coal crusher don’t have mesh grate, high-humidity materials, not blocked.

The traditional grinder with grate plate does not suitable for raw materials with moisture content higher than 8%. When the raw material moisture content is higher than 10%, it is extremely easy to cause serious blockage, the hammer can not be rotated, the material can not be discharged, or even burn out motor, seriously affecting the production.

Coal crusher design without mesh grate, the material moisture content is not strict requirements, there is no paste block sieve problem, but there is no fine powder can not be discharged in time, repeated crushing problem, so the crushing efficiency, there is no hammer Invalid head wear phenomenon.

Fifth, wear-resistant combination of hammer head

Crusher high alloy wear hammer. Hammer handle combination, only change the hammer, do not change the hammer handle.

Sixth, double rotor two crusher, large output, the output size is below 3mm, below 2mm size accounted for more than 80%.