How to choose ceramic slurry vibrating screen?

Our company recommends the GFGL slurry filtration sieve based on years of experience in the production of ceramic vibrating screens. The following describes the selection method of ceramic slurry vibrating screen and ordinary vibrating screen:

  1. For GFGL slurry filtrationsieve, the single-layer screen frame of the equipment is heightened, which can increase the feeding amount. The discharge port designon the vibrating body can speed up the discharge speed and increase the processing amount. From the internal structure, the single-layer screen equipment is better. The frame of the single-layer screen is single-net with double-hoop screen frame. It is necessary to use a solid frame. Never use hollow ones! Compared with the double-layer screen equipment, the filtration sieve of a single-layer screen reduces the friction with the mother screen and has a longer service life! Compared with the ordinary two-layer screen frame equipment, this ceramic vibrating screen upper screen frame is lighter, vibration force is stronger, screening effect is better and more energy-saving!
  2. If you are using ceramic powder directly to doceramic product, what kind of vibrating screen do you need to use? Will it conflict with the above products? the answer is negative! The ceramic powder vibrating screen is roughly the same as the above-mentioned overall shape, but the internal structure is different. It is a vibrating screening device specially designedaccording to the characteristics of the powdery material, that is the three-dimensional vibrating screen. The ceramic powder vibrating screen is a double-layer screen. It adopts L-shaped solid frame, and the screen frame is specially designed. It has the characteristics of large feeding amount, dustproof and pollution prevention, high screening precision, large processing capacity, stable quality and reliable performance.