Airflow sieving machine detailed annotation

Vertical airflow sieving machine is same with the horizontal airflow sieving machine, they are both one kind of airflow sieving machine. It is one new type screening equipment. Its model is: WS-600 vertical airflow sieving machine, WS-1000 vertical airflow sieving machine, WS-1600 vertical airflow sieving machine and so on. The screening machine is a high efficient screening machine by our independent research and development and production. It abandon the gravitational potential energy principle of operation, using air as the carrier, kinetic energy for operating principle of work(Through negative pressure airflow material mixed with air, enters the screen fan wheel in the middle, enough centrifugal force is applied through the wind wheel blades, to the barrel type screen jet over the net, after the volute collection. The super size materials cannot be over the net and discharged by the automatic slag discharging port, so as to achieve rapid screening。)

Vertical airflow sieving machine features:
1、Screening efficiency reach up to 95%
2、Equipment capacity is 5-10 times than vibrating screen or higher
3、Product fineness precise, have no mix phenomenon
4、Fit a wide size arrange, 80-600 mesh powder material can have a high efficient screening
5、Screen mesh vertical installation, no bear load, long service life
6、The screening system is carried out under the condition of negative pressure, no dust pollution
7、can match with various mill and wind path
8、low noisy, low power consumption, continuous operation, low maintenance rate
9、Can special designing, meet special requirement

Vertical airflow sieving machine application:

Vertical airflow sieving machine application arrange is same with horizontal airflow sieving machine, widely used in graphite powder, resin powder, traditional Chinese medicine powder, fly ash, fire extinguishing agent, milk powder, metallurgy powder, PVC resin powder and other kinds of powder materials.

Gaofu tips: whatever horizontal airflow sieving machine or vertical airflow sieving machine, both new type screening machine, because of the profit driven, some immature vibration screen manufacturers also in line with the sieve machine. Users in the purchase of airflow sieving machine should be cautious. Xinxiang Gaofu machinery is earlier vibration sieve enterprises of Xinxiang vibration sieve. With dozens of national patents, airflow screen is one of them. The majority of users can be at ease ordering.



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